Tampa General Hospital- Midwife Birth

Every birth story in unique. But baby Jeanne’s birth was different from any birth I have attended, as it was the first time I was welcomed into a hospital birth. I arrived at 6:15 AM, knowing that Mom had started the induction process the night before and she was already 6cm dilated. She would receive an epidural just before I walked in.

I had no idea that we would watch the sunrise from this window and later watch the sunset. The story of the day can be told by the window light, not just the Sun, but the storm brewing on the outside.


Mom got in some more sleep between contractions, they stayed pretty steady for a few hours. She labored gracefully as her partner tended to her and waited patiently to meet his new daughter.

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In the afternoon, the storms rolled in, typical of Florida summers. A mother’s body, as amazing as it is, is designed to ride the waves of labor and I could see that manifest in front of me. The storm outside added a peaceful relief, an assurance that the world lives on outside of these walls. But in here, miracles are born.


After hours of laboring and sleeping, visitors arrived. It was a sweet reprieve for Mom, and she welcomed them all gracefully. She would continue to show her strength, determination and pure joy as the hours came and went.


As we watched her progressed, we knew the time was coming to meet her sweet daughter. I was able to do some bodywork to help stimulate her uterine contractions. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified in Prenatal Massage so that definitely in handy on this day. Dad was kind enough to take over as the photographer while I attended to Mom.

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Her surges continued to get stronger and faster as the time went on. She called for the midwife when she felt the urge to push, I was able to document every detail during her labor. It was an amazing vaginal birth. The Midwife and Nurses on staff catered to her and sweet little girl when she came earth-side. I can’t even begin to describe how honored I am to get to be a small part in one of the biggest stories for my clients. I truly am so humbled by the magnitude of that blessing.

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I can’t wait to share the incredible video of this birth in a few weeks! But for now, my friend Stacey Adams wrote a blog about what to wear to a family session. She has the most incredible work documenting real family moments, I just can’t say enough words about how much I love her style and how important those every day moments are. You can find her work at Family and Newborn Photographer in Albuquerque .