Little Wanderers Traveling Dress

Aspen and I were so excited to participate in another traveling dress project! My friend Maranda Stuhr got our group of friends together for an opportunity to shoot this gorgeous dress with our daughters or granddaughters.One cool thing about this group is that we have been friends for over 5 years and we met on Instagram.

Here is a piece of our story.

We drove 5 minutes from our house in Florida to a walking trail that we frequent. We have enjoyed lots of family runs together back here, it truly is a part of our lives. As we walked back through the palmettos, Aspen started to dance and twirl. It’s exactly what this dress was made for.


I love the magic of the woods, the dress and my free-spirited daughter. I decided to add one more piece of magic to the shoot and pulled out one of my ring prisms.


I am so excited to choose one of these portraits for my living room. But I can’t figure out which one to choose, maybe I will let Aspen decide. I know one thing, these are too amazing to let them sit on my computer, they deserve to be seen.

Photography is such a beautiful art. I absolutely love how different we all capture this same dress. It’s been quite an adventure! Follow along to see more captures from my friends. Chanelle is a Family Photographer located in Perth, Australia. she has an eye for special moments between family members, you will enjoy her images of her sweet daughter. Or you can follow along on instagram by using the hashtag #littlewandererstravellingdress.