A new normal- the start of another 365

When I began this photography journey, I had an intense desire to learn every thing I possibly could. So naturally, I decided to embark on a 365 project, a name we photographers use when we take one picture a day for a year. It was difficult at first, but I realized quickly that it allowed me to immerse myself in creativity and it quickly became a way of life for me. For three years, I took one picture every day and I watched in admiration as I saw my daughter grow up through the eyepiece of my camera.

When I took a break from the project, I thought I was allowing myself to recharge, live freely without hesitation or responsibility to my art, and to focus fully on living in those moments that I loved so dearly.

But I wasn’t.

Towards the end of 2018, I found myself wanting to break through creatively and expand my knowledge again. I took a course called “The Magic of Light Workshop” with Summer Murdock and something inside really sparked. Then I realized, I always learn more when my heart is fulfilled by capturing sweet little moments to cherish always. So this is the route I take, I am embracing my new normal through a past love.

Here are some of my favorites so far for January.

Ascending light-5.jpg

Are you interested in starting a 365 project? It’s not too late! I recently found an amazing blog post from one of my photographer friends Shelley Niehaus. She wrote about some lessons she learned from her last 365 day project. She is super talented and I am sure you will enjoy her work! Click to see Dallas Lifestyle Family Photographer to be inspired!