January-Exploring low light

In January we searched out empty corners of our house, looking for daylight to seep through and brighten our lives.


 I welcomed the opportunity to watch, to be an observer. I never knew how satisfying it would be to sit back and watch you read a book all by yourself. All the little things you have learned and have accomplished, leave me excited for what’s to come. It makes it easy to know You at every stage in your life, easy to see you grow. I’m literally watching you thrive, little one. And I love it.


 In the darkest of nights, we played outside with sparklers to give the light that we longed for.  I love how little pieces of sparks,  can breathe LIFE into the world around us. 


 Sometimes I like to play with the way the light flows in my bedroom, I love to capture you and the blue curtains that surround you.  Double exposures can take something so ordinary and make it flow with unimaginable beauty, but you often do that on your own. 



The innocence of a child and the animals that welcome her into their home, is a powerful thing to see. I love how the window light just softly fell upon their faces. Thank you January for inviting low light into our piece of the World.




Today, I have joined with other artists to show our world's in low-light. I hope you will follow along in our journeys. Next up is my lovely and talented Photographer friend Thuvan. Click here to see her Art.

Aubrey Bahr12 Comments