Project Something Beautiful- Reflect

Art is not a reflection of reality, it is the reality of a reflection
— Jean Luc-Godard

I remember the first time I captured her playing. I was in awe that such a creature existed and moved so effortlessly throughout the world, smelling the grass and breathing joy into everything around her.

This is what love is made of. 



Every moment I spend watching her is never lost. Even as she sleeps, I stay awake and look through every photograph. A documentary, a reflection of our world spent together; a little reflection of me. 


She reminds me to stay grounded, and to wake up each day to try and be a better parent, a better person. The world may not see her the way I do, but her reflection will always be apart of my Art, because she is a part of me. 


But if your work is your art, a personal reflection of who you are, the only person who can do that better than you, is the future you.
— Bill Crawford
Aspen portrait.jpg

Please follow along with other Artist's participating in this month's Project Something Beautiful-Reflect. Up next is my dear friend Thuvan