A love story- Ian & Iman

All love stories have their own beginnings, their own plot twists and their own unique breath of life. Ian and Iman are different in so many ways but share an incredible story of patience, perseverance and friendship.


Most of our relationship has been a country’s distance apart, but it’s not only made our appreciation for each other stronger, it’s actually helped us develop a deeper connection with each other. Iman is my best friend and I love how we can go from being so silly, to romantic, to serious comfortably.
— Ian

There are so many moments worth seeing, feeling, and being a part of. Opening up yourself to each other is such a vulnerable thing to do. But when you find someone to complete you, that's exactly what happens.

"I never wanted to be your whole life- just your favorite part." -Benjamin Button
Ian and I come from two different cultures. We are also a military couple, that presents it’s own challenges. Regardless of all that, we find happiness in the small things. He’s my best friend and I love him dearly with all my being. I feel safe and strong with him in my life.
— Iman
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Wishing you both all the love and laughter you can handle and remember, the best is yet to come.

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Aubrey Bahr