You have dreamt of this moment.


Birth & Family photographer serving Tampa Florida and surrounding areas.


You have anticipated all the emotions that will flood in,

You welcome it all.

This is the moment a new life enters the world.

This new life, 

And it will take your breath away.

During this exciting time it may be easy to feel overwhelmed by what’s to come: whether this is your first birth or your last, every emotion feels escalated. But a year from now, when you’re sitting in a quiet room soothing your sweet baby who’s quickly becoming a toddler before your eyes, you’ll wonder how it’s possible that the time went SO fast.

At that time, you will take comfort in reliving the moment when you and your family first locked eyes with your new baby. And there will be pictures to celebrate the journey of that day. 


As a quiet observer , I’ll be there to document it all. Because every breath taken in this sacred space, tells a story of love, courage, and dedication.


Parenting is difficult, every choice you have made as a couple has not been taken lightly. Hiring a photographer for the birth of your child is another big decision. I feel you! And I have absolutely been there.

I can assure you that I take the privacy of my families very seriously. As a Licensed Massage Therapist with a Certification in Prenatal Massage, with 12 years of experience, I have attended many births and deeply respect the birthing space. While I do believe in normalizing the full range of birth experiences and imagery, I am careful with what I share.

This is YOUR space, and I will do my best to respect the boundaries that you and your partner set.



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